Les Pavots
Les Pavots


There is a private swimming pool, which is available for the exclusive use of guests at ‘Les Pavots’. There is an electric pool safety cover, which will support a child, as well as a sand pit. A large terrace surrounds the pool, offering ample space for sun-bathing. The pool area is very private and you can wear as little or as much as you like!


During the day the shadehouse offers a cool spot out of the sun and is a great place for a poolside lunch. For your late night dip, the pool is fitted with underwater lighting; there is also lighting on the terrace.


The pool contractor visits once per week to clean and maintain the pool.



Who rents Les Pavots?
Families, family groups holidaying together, couples - anyone in fact!

Location good for?
People who love the outdoors, French village life, fantastic wine and vineyards, sunny days and warm nights. Perfect for those who want to be active (cycling, walking, kayaking). Enjoy peace and tranquillity and privacy to do your own thing.

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