Les Pavots
Les Pavots



The laundry room is situated at the rear of the garage and is fitted out with two sinks, an automatic washing machine, tumble dryer, washing basket, iron, ironing board and plastic clothes airers.  A ‘whirligig’ type clothes line is available for drying clothes outside - which takes very little time in the hot summer sun!


Other cleaning equipment for your own use and for the caretaker is stored here e.g. vacuum cleaner, sweeping brush, mop, and bucket.

Who rents Les Pavots?
Families, family groups holidaying together, couples - anyone in fact!

Location good for?
People who love the outdoors, French village life, fantastic wine and vineyards, sunny days and warm nights. Perfect for those who want to be active (cycling, walking, kayaking). Enjoy peace and tranquillity and privacy to do your own thing.

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